Qellimi i videove eshte vetdijsimi per rukje te mirefillte dhe edukim.
Per te gjithe ata qe e kuptojne anglishten.

Nese jeni te ndijshem ,ju preferojme qe te mos e shikoni.

Ruqya in London subsidiary of the Ruqya International Academy run by Sheikh Khalid Al-Hibshi, a prominent leading scholar from Saudi Arabia specialising in the field of ruqya Treatment Evil Eye Black magic and jinn Possession. Our clinic is situated in London and is led and run by Abu Nadeer who is a highly experienced and competent raaqi, recognized by scholars in the field of Ruqya. He has been operating in the field of ruqya for 20 years, treating and counselling people with various spiritual afflictions by the permission of Allaah. Abu Nadeer’s expertise, knowledge and dedication in the sciences of ruqya and benefiting others also leads him to deliver regular educational workshops, training and courses to patients, practitioners/therapists as well as organisations – with the primary focus on how to better understand and effectively deal with the different aspects of spiritual affliction in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

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